Absorbeez are the original and highest-specification sandbag alternatives and absorbent bags and pads for flood defence available. Available here for shipment across the UK, Europe and beyond, with discounted shipping rates and free delivery available to over 30 countries.

We offer the largest range of sizes of absorbent bags, with specially designed  sandless sandbag alternatives that fit single and double doors without gaps and cover larger spaces like driveways, patios, garages and warehouse doors. Where you will need multiple heavy sandbags, you will need one or two Absorbeez to help protect from river or storm floods and burst pipes and mains.

We also have purpose-designed pads for leaks, spills, drips and condensation, and can help you save time and money by preventing or mitigating the effects of flooding from a range of sources indoors and out.

Check out our environmentally-safe A1 Power Sorb for absorbing oil-based spills like petrol, paint, diesel and body fluids too.

Above all, Absorbeez offer high-quality absorbent products. Our woven range has a rip, drip and burst-resistant covering and strong, double stitching making them ideal for the rigours of flood prevention.