High-quality absorbent bags, purpose designed as a light, practical, effective sandless sandbag alternative. Absorbeez can offer you protection from storm and river flooding and burst mains.

With purpose-designed sizes to fit single and double doors without leaving gaps, and larger sandbag alternatives for garages, driveways, patios and warehouses, you can just lay out one or two Absorbeez where you would need lots of heavy sandbags and Absorbeez will absorb the floodwaters on contact and expand to form a barrier.

Absorbeez come with a rip, drip and burst-resistant covering and strong double stitching to make them the most durable sandbag substitute. 

Absorbeez can save money, downtime and distress by preventing or mitigating the impact of flooding. They come in small, light packs that you can keep on a shelf until needed. They are light before use and easy to dispose of after use.

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