About Us

Absorbeez - Solutions to help stop flooding, absorb leaks and protect your home or business.

Absorbeez offer the largest range of water absorbent pads for flood

defence. They can absorb an incredible amount of water.

Absorbeez offer the largest range of sizes and are great for a myriad of

applications. They are a light, sandless alternative to sandbags, can help

contain leaks and drips, and absorb spills and condensation at source,

preventing damage and disruption to your home or business.

Absorbeez flood and water-absorbent products are manufactured to a high

specification giving them the edge in terms of performance. Our high-quality

hand-woven range comes with a unique rip, drip and burst-resistant outer

covering, and a high-spec super-absorbent core material.

Absorbeez can help keep your home dry and your business open, seriously

mitigating damage. Flooding can happen quickly and unexpectedly.

Always have Absorbeez handy.